Product Update – October 22, 2018 – Video Fixes, Session Protocol, Session Naming

Dear Focusmate fam,

Below are the latest product updates and plans, as of today, October 22, 2018.

We missed one Product Update due to [insert excuses here… Mike’s baby was born!] but we’re back on track and looking forward to your feedback in the comments!

New Updates

Jitsi fixes ongoing. We removed several Jitsi features that were causing high CPU usage, and reduced the standard resolution. 

Session protocol added throughout the app. Not-so subtle “Review session protocol” buttons remind users of the session protocol, below your Upcoming Sessions and at the top of your screen during live sessions.

Removed confusing/extra onboarding steps. New users are no longer prompted to book sessions during onboarding.

Database indices added to improve performance (speed). The app is now performing basic actions like booking sessions faster.

Upgraded from Angular 5 to Angular 6. This is a critical foundation for future updates.

Planned Updates

Naming sessions. Plan your work ahead by adding a title to each Focusmate session.

Session countdown timer. See how long until your next session. Timer turns red within 15 minutes.

Continue researching video options. We’re doing a deep dive to explore the options and test out alternatives.

New analytics to track internal performance and identify issues & opportunities more accurately.


What do you think? Share your input in the comments.


Taylor & Mike

1 thought on “Product Update – October 22, 2018 – Video Fixes, Session Protocol, Session Naming”

  1. Session countdown timer is a good idea; session naming option is a GREAT idea!
    I have really appreciated the accessibility of the session protocol.
    Some suggestions for features:
    -Include total number of focused hours/minutes in the weekly report to individual users
    -Increase guidance/structure re: use of the chat window for task tracking.
    Simple suggestion: Add examples of effective use of the chat window for task tracking in the protocol (e.g. “send 2 client scheduling emails” vs. “email clients”)
    Advanced suggestion: create some sort of built-in prompts and/or reminders within the session chat window.

    (Side note – the more advanced chat window feature could also help with time management for people who get lost in tasks due to hyperfocus and/or perfectionistic/obsessive tendencies – e.g., a chat-window task reminder bell would tune me in to the fact that I listed my first task as “email advisor to ask about stat references” and it’s been 10 minutes and I’m still drafting the email – time to wrap it up & move on!)

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