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“One of the best productivity tools”

Focusmate is one of the best productivity tools I’ve found. It is built around pre-commitment pacts — a psychological device that helps you get started and follow through on just about any task. Focusmate is an effective and accessible tool anyone can use — so much so that I mention it in my book Indistractable.

Nir Eyal

Author, Indistractable and Hooked

40+ sessions

“Plan and Achieve”

I had all these dreams about how I wanted my life to look, but no real plan to get there. Focusmate taught me how to plan things out and achieve a tiny chunk in each session. This platform is helping me become the version of myself I’ve always aspired to be.

Kasturi Patra

B2B Tech Content Writer

3800+ sessions

“Joyful productivity”

I have now logged more than 6,500 sessions on Focusmate. It has absolutely helped my business grow and enabled me to work with more joyful productivity.

George Kao

Business Coach for Soulpreneurs

6500+ sessions

“Astonishingly powerful”

As astonishingly powerful as it is simple. Focusmate can 100% change your life. Hands down, my number one favorite tool.

Francisco R.

Speaker, Trainer, Coach

2900+ sessions

“Indispensable productivity tool”

Focusmate is the most indispensable productivity tool in my workflow. It helps me rack up deep work sessions, and as a bonus I’ve made a bunch of good friends through it.

Ishan M.

Software engineer

3000+ sessions


Focusmate has completely changed my life by giving me support to get a majillion things done. Without it, I wouldn’t have made such incredible progress on my independent business, or maintained my life, home, and routine to a level that I’ve never achieved before.

Gemma D.


5500+ sessions

“Amazing community”

All my life, all I needed was Focusmate. Thank you for this amazing community. I feel powerful with my coworking mates.

Ozlem K.

UX Researcher, Psychologist

2500+ sessions


I’m getting work done in 25-50 minutes that took me weeks, even months, to complete. Focusmate is a GAME-CHANGING app for my ADHD. It’s one of the best tools out there if you want to get stuff DONE!

Monica S.

Vision Execution Coach and Strategist

1200+ sessions

“Extraordinary service”

Focusmate is an extraordinary service and a wonderful community of people who take the idea of accountability seriously, are comfortable with clear, concise parameters of engagement, and treat each other well.

Judy O Myers

Connector / Idea Generator / Problem Solver

300+ sessions


Focusmate is a game-changer for someone like me who struggles with focusing at work. I’ve found it especially helpful for those nagging tasks that I don’t want to do, but know I need to do. I’ll schedule a session dedicated to it and often find it was far easier than anticipated.

Chris Widner

Software Developer / Support

250+ sessions

Virtual coworking for getting anything done.

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