What Can I Do On Focusmate?

A few ways our community uses Focusmate!


Writing software, doing code reviews, or fixing bugs? Get in the zone with Focusmate.

Planning your day

Kickstart your day, make to-do lists, or set up appointments.


Preparing for an exam? Finishing up homework? Reading for tomorrow’s class? Focusmate can help you focus!


Plants need watering? Laundry needs folding? Dishes need doing? Focusmate is here to help!

Writing and research

Your daily journal, your groundbreaking research proposal, or the final chapter of your bestselling novel – whatever it is, you can write it with Focusmate.

Meditation, yoga, and exercise

Energize or unwind, with support and motivation from a Focusmate partner.

Creative work

Painting? Sculpting? Composing music? Focusmate can help get your creativity flowing.


Focusmate can help you get ahead of chores—whether you are booking flights, ordering groceries, or filing taxes.

Anything else!


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