How I wrote 1,800 words in one Focusmate session

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It was my first time using Focusmate, and I saw the chance to work on a project I’d been putting off for ages—my novel.

For years I’ve guiltily placed this passion project to the side because of life’s obligations—work, family, friends. Before I knew it, six years had gone by.

Five minutes before the session, I logged on to meet my accountability partner—a digital marketing consultant from France.

“You’re working on a novel?” he asked. “That’s pretty neat!”

That was enough to get me fired up to not only write for the next 50 minutes, but 100% commit to staying on task.

My partner was practicing for a presentation and after discussing our goals, we dove in!

At the end of the session, I had written 1,800 words—more words than I had written within the previous week! It amazed me how much writing I was able to knock out in one 50-minute session versus the 4-5 hours I spent the week prior mostly staring at a blank screen, bouncing back and forth from Facebook, checking my emails, and making another cup of coffee I didn’t need.

Are you a writer? Here are some tips on how to hit your writing goals with Focusmate.

Focus on one part of the writing process

I was zipping through lines on my Scrivener and although the perfectionist in me wanted to go back and delete, edit, reword and rearrange my paragraphs, I had to stop myself. I chose to focus on writing only, since I wanted to maximize my time and let all my ideas flow on the screen.

Writing is a process which comes in different forms—ideas, outlines, development, strategies, etc. Commit to one part of the writing process you want to focus on during your session and stick to it.

Split your screen

It helped that I had my partner’s video on the left side of my screen and my writing software on the right. I closed all other tabs and windows knowing how easily I could get distracted to do some “research,” which easily can turn into the rabbit hole of email checking and social media browsing. Minimize your workspace to maximize your time.

Take a quick 2-minute break if needed

Although 50 minutes is short, it may also seem long, especially on the days you might not be feeling so inspired. If needed, let your partner know you’ll be taking a quick 2-minute break to stretch, walk, grab water, etc.

Don’t let the session and timer pressure you to get things completed—let it inspire you to get things started.


Thanks to Focusmate, I’m now 1,800 words closer to completing my passion project, and on my way to a completed first draft.

If you’re a writer (or “a writer” 😉 ) you should try it out too.

Have you used Focusmate to give your writing a boost? Share your experience and advice below!


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