Product Update – August 27, 2018 – Email Settings, Weekly Performance Reports

Dearest Focusmate community,

Below are the latest product updates and plans, as of today, August 27th, 2018.

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New Updates

We did a bunch of small stuff this sprint. (A “sprint” is a 2-week unit of time used for planning purposes in Agile/Scrum software development methodology.) So I’m going to share this as a list and go light on the (boring) details.

Things That Benefit Users Directly

  1. Zendesk support emails will come directly from us so as to avoid confusion. (Zendesk is still not completely setup yet.)
  2. Emails will go out to users who have been inactive for 56 days and 84 days, reminding them why they should c’mon back.
  3. The ability to report misconduct on a session-by-session basis was brought back.
  4. The FAQ page was revised with an update on how we enforce accountability.
  5. Monthly streak was added to your profile, as an added incentive to keep chugging along.

Things That Benefit Users Indirectly

  1. Weekly and monthly streak calculations were revised to happen faster and remove lag time on profile load.
  2. Calendar emails now come from, enabling us to use for Zendesk/support exclusively.
  3. Our website will now reboot itself more gracefully when our servers restart, meaning less getting locked out of your account because the site is down.
  4. Clicking the “Confirm” button multiple times (e.g. double clicking it) will no longer send multiple requests to our server, speeding up the response time.
  5. Your dashboard will only reload when you’re actually looking at it, reducing server load and allocating it for stuff that’s useful to users.

Planned Updates

  • Weekly Stats Report Email. Every Tuesday you will now receive an update on your performance that week.On the first Tuesday of the month you will also get a monthly report. Initially this will include how many sessions you’ve done that week/month, how long your weekly/monthly streak is, and your attendance score. We’ll revise it over time. This will only be sent to active users.
  • Email Preferences/Settings. Ability to turn different emails on or off. At first this will include calendar invites and your weekly stats report. Important account updates will still be sent to all users.
  • Automatic Video Link Updates. Even if you get re-matched at the last second, you’ll be re-directed to the right video link.


What do you think?

Share your thoughts and feedback in the comments!


Taylor & Mike

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