Longer Sessions are Here: 75 Minutes of Focus

You asked, we listened! Longer sessions are now available on Focusmate. 75-minute sessions help you stay in the flow for longer so you can tackle several small tasks, or make strides on big projects. 

When you book a 75-minute session, Focusmate will automatically add a 15-minute buffer after the ending time (similar to how it adds 5- and 10-minute buffers for the 25- and 50-minute sessions). If you have back-to-back sessions, this will help ensure that you’ll have enough time to debrief with your partner, take a quick break—psst…stretch, hydrate, grab a snack :)—and get ready to join your next session.

Ready for 75 minutes of focus and flow? Book a session now!

PS. We love to hear from you! Please click here to share any feedback and ideas!

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