Community Code of Conduct

Let’s¬†ensure a five-star Focusmate experience for everyone.

With all the tech we use it’s easy to forget that Focusmate is first and foremost a community of people. A very rare and special group of people with a shared commitment to getting the most out of our short time on earth.

The way we show up (or don’t) in every session defines our community. What do we stand for? What does it mean to be part of Focusmate?

For me, Focusmate is about doing our best work. It’s about feeling fulfilled every day and one day leaving this world without regrets.

With that in mind, here are the core behaviors we ask of you, which make (or break) the treasure we have here.

On behalf of myself and your fellow community members, please:

Troubleshoot your tech.

Do your best to show up with audio and video working. (Need help? Contact us.)

Communicate changes to your partner.

There’s a real human being on the other side of that calendar appointment! Bailing on a session or failing to be in touch if you’re running late can and will throw a wrench in their day. (There are links inside every Focusmate calendar appointment to cancel, message partners and report no-shows. Use ’em!)

Follow session protocol.

  1. Consciously set aside distractions (e.g. close Facebook, put your phone away)
  2. Join the session on time
  3. Greet your partner verbally, with your microphone on
  4. Share your first task and write it in the chat window, e.g. “1.) Plan my day”
  5. Limit chit chat at the start to a minute or less
  6. Work quietly
  7. Write¬†each subsequent task in the chat area, e.g. “2.) Write blog post outline”
  8. Leave your video and microphone on (mute yourself if and only if you are in a noisy environment or making a call)
  9. If you leave your desk for any reason, write it in the chat area: “bio break” or “water break”

No promotions, no spam, no inappropriate behavior.

We are here to get work done. If you want to sell something, this is not the place. We have a zero tolerance policy for using Focusmate to generate business.

Also: Focusmate is not a dating website, and any advances of a sexual or romantic nature will be result in an immediate and permanent ban from the site.

Adhering to these protocols means that when you show up you can count on getting your most important work done.

On that note, let’s all agree to support each another in upholding these standards. It’s as simple as saying: “Hey, just a reminder to use the chat window. I can show you how if you want.”

If someone is new, you can also remind them to check out the onboarding guide.

Please note that for the sake of all of us, we reserve the right to suspend your account if you do not uphold the Community Code of Conduct.

You rock. Thank you for being part of this.




Focusmate Founder & CEO

P.S. Have ideas on how to make Focusmate better? Email us or share in the Facebook group!

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