Beeminder + Focusmate Integration

Beeminder + Focusmate partnering together

We are excited to announce our first integration with another productivity app: Beeminder

Beeminder gives you an extra layer of accountability or, as the folks at Beeminder like to say, “reminders with a sting.”

Have you ever had one of those days where you really wanted to be productive but just couldn’t muster up the willpower to take action or book a session?

As powerful as Focusmate is, you have to remember to use it to get the most out of it.

That’s where Beeminder comes in! 

Beeminder + Focusmate Integration on the Beeminder website

How it works: 

You can set a daily, weekly or monthly goal for anything and get reminders along the way to keep you on track. And you can level up your commitment by putting money on the line a.k.a. the sting  ????

​​Beeminder then allows you to visualize data you collect about yourself with graphs while also serving as a commitment contract. You choose something you want to commit to — for instance, running three times a week or perhaps doing two Focusmate sessions a day — and they create a graph for you.

Looking for even more accountability?  Share your Beeminder goal link in the community or with your accountability partner to show them your real-time progress too ????

Getting Started: 

You can also join the Beeminder group on Focusmate to match up with others from the Beeminder community!

Learn more about this Beeminder + Focusmate integration on the Beeminder blog

Testimonial from Nathan @ Focusmate

I’ve been testing out a goal of 10 sessions per week for the last few weeks and appreciate the nudges from Beeminder to keep me on track! It’s created an urgency that telling myself to go book a session doesn’t create.  Plus, you start finding it fun to see your progress visually!  Even sharing the link with teammates for accountability and a bit of competition 😉

Nathan's visual progress on Beeminder
Nathan’s visual progress on Beeminder

You can help Nathan stay accountable and see his goal as an example here

Ready to set your own Beeminder + Focusmate goal for the new year? Get started here

Thanks to the Beeminder team for all their hard work along with our team to get this together to help kick off your goals for the new year!

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